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GETEK | Bringing solar power to the world

Getek AS, based in Malvik near Trondheim in Norway, is bringing light to African nights. The company supplies electricity to some of the world’s most remote outposts, thanks to solar and wind power. “Let there be light!” said CEO Morten Gaustad, and the night was lit up for 37,000 people living on the Equator.

Powel AI | Combatting bad weather with Artificial Intelligence

Trondheim-based company Powel is developing artificial intelligence to outperform even the human brain. In a world of ever-more extreme weather, the idea is to extract energy from the sun, water and wind. Paradoxically, the tougher the climate, the harder it is to use the renewable energy that will help prevent dangerous climate change.

IT is Trondheim - part 1

Want an exciting job? There are unlimited opportunities to forge a career in IT and other high-tech industries in Trondheim. You can promote the use of renewable energy, design solutions that prevent fires and save lives, create even smarter smart-phones or perfect an app that already has millions of users worldwide. The Trondheim region is home to 750 tech companies of all sizes. Choose one.

IT is Trondheim - part 2

There are 750 tech companies in the Trondheim region. One of them has, on its own, made more microchips than there are people on Earth. Another supplies data on football and other sports worldwide. Smart people relocate from all corners of the world to work in Trondheim. Why move away? Here you will find 750 opportunities to forge a career in IT or other high-tech industries. Choose one of them.

Trondheim- en litt uvanlig by

Trondheim er en liten by med store ideer. Her finner du 37 000 studenter, 5000 som arbeider med forskning og høyere utdanning, 700 teknologiselskaper og en Nobelpris i medisin. Trondheim leder an i utforskingen av havet. Siemens´ base i byen gjør skipsfarten elektrisk. Kloke hoder i trønderhovedstaden lager mikrobrikker til mobiltelefoner og andre hjelpemidler verden over. Nano-forskere ved NTNU bruker det minste som fins i kampen for ren energi og en kur mot kreft. Moser-teamet fortsetter å fravriste hjernen dens innerste hemmeligheter. En by langt mot nord leverer smarte løsninger til hele planeten - og trekker til seg smarte mennesker fra alle verdenshjørner.

An app that conquered the world

An app that conquered the world: Ever heard of Zedge, a tech company in Trondheim? Possibly not.


The world learns better with the help of research conducted in Trondheim. Norway’s only professor of computer games, Alf Inge Wang at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), came up with the idea for this quiz-based learning game, Kahoot.

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Meet the world’s best goldminers. Based in Melhus, just outside of Trondheim, Devico AS is commissioned by mining companies worldwide to find gold, diamonds and other valuable minerals deep underground.

Fugro Oceanor

Providing advance notice of the next tsunami: More than 100 high-tech buoys from Fugro Oceanor in Trondheim are bobbing about on every ocean on the planet. The buoys monitor the environment, help us develop new ways to produce clean energy, and give us advance notice of the next tsunami.

Greater Trondheim is an incubator for good ideas

There are 36,000 students, 5,000 researchers/academics and a Nobel Prize for medicine in Greater Trondheim. Nowhere else in Norway does society invest more per capita in research and new knowledge. With the help of its knowledge communities, Trondheim is leading the way into the future.

The place for sharp minds
The brain power concentrated at NTNU and Sintef creates growth, prosperity and exciting job opportunities. Since 2010, work carried out at NTNU and Sintef has given rise to 130 tech startups. 171 existing companies in greater Trondheim can trace their roots to our research communities. We are at the forefront in areas such as brain research, ultrasound technology and renewable energy.

Where the exciting jobs are
Trondheim is like a Silicon Valley in miniature. Companies like Microchips (formerly Atmel), ARM, Nordic Semiconductor, Q-Free and Zedge supply high-tech solutions to customers worldwide. The most sophisticated components in market-leading mobile phones are “Made in Trondheim”. A Trondheim-based company, Sportradar, is the world’s leading supplier of sports statistics, collaborating with the largest sports organisations and leagues around the globe. And these are just some of the ideas, creativity and career opportunities that you will find here.

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