Meet the world’s best goldminers. Based in Melhus, just outside of Trondheim, Devico AS is commissioned by mining companies worldwide to find gold, diamonds and other valuable minerals deep underground.

The key to Devico’s success is a unique technology to drill and collect core samples in the quest for gold and precious stones. The company owes its existence to a local inventor and entrepreneur. Viktor Tokle was working at the research establishment Sintef when he got the idea of developing groundbreaking tools for precision drilling deep beneath the Earth’s surface.

The art lies in being able to precisely steer the drill, know exactly where it is deep underground – and also bring up samples without having to withdraw the entire drill string. Those searching for gold must dig ever deeper to find new deposits, which is boosting demand for Devico’s technology.

It took many years of hard work before Tokle and Devico hit pay dirt, both literally and metaphorically. The company now has clients in approx. 50 countries worldwide. Devico is an award-winning company with a patented technology that finds gold.

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